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Business Owners

Planning For Business Owners and Professionals

We want to help business owners and Professionals put more in their pockets when they need it most!

We work to help put all the pieces together for the busy professional, business owner and key executives. Below are a few of the areas we help you with.

Buy Sell Agreement - If you have multiple owners in your business

Key Man Coverage - If you have Key Employees look at Keyman Coverage

Executive Bonus / Private Pension Plan - If you want a retirement plan for the Business Owner or Key Employees

Defined Benefit Plan to super fund key employees or business owners retirements

Professionals and Business Owners primary focus is on running a successful business, The day to day demands of running a successful practice or business many times takes priority over long term individual and family planning needs. Unfortunately, the failure to proactively plan in the following areas can have catastrophic consequences for these entrepreneurs:

Pro-Active planning is the key Taming the B.R.AT.

B – Business Succession Planning – An absence of thoughtful succession plan can lead to loss of value, litigation, and failed transition for your business interests upon a wide range of trigger events. You need to take time to understand the options to pass on your business when you retire or pass.

R – Retirement Planning – Knowing what vehicles are available to assist the owners of a business or professional practice are critical. There are plans that can help the owner maximize what they will have in retirement. There are various plans available to help maximize deductions and others that will guarantee

Lifetime incomes when you finally plan to retire.

A – Asset & Family Protection – All that you have worked for can be lost in a lawsuit if your business and personal asset structures are not properly insulated from creditors.

T – Tax Minimization – Tax-planning for retirement as well as estate tax can be a critical issue. It’s imperative to learn how to maximize what you keep while you are alive and when you pass.

Each area of taming the B.R.A.T. are important in its own right. Failure to properly address any one of the foregoing elements can lead to unexpected loss. Uncertainty can lead to impasse, litigation, lack of leverage in negotiation, and lost enterprise value.

Although it may not be easy contemplate all the triggers that may apply to your entrepreneurial venture, a little effort now can provide certainty, avoid heartache and maximize attaining your goals down the road.

We know you have worked hard to build your business or practice. Let a Wealth Management business planning specialist create a plan that will take care of you and the most important people in your life when you need it most!

Business can be uncertain and full of risks and hazards. The use of properly structured insurance eliminates some of the risks and hazards and can offer great tax deductions and other upside benefits