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Life Insurance Alternatives

Many of us don't talk to the people we love about big issues like aging, money, and health until a tragedy prompts the discussion. We wait because these conversations are awkward and because, quite honestly, we don't want to think about such things. But waiting can be risky. We help you examine the issues now and select appropriate strategies for your particular situation.

We craft insurance strategies not only for fundamental reasons, but also for sophisticated asset allocation considerations. The right use of a well-designed insurance strategy can help create and protect wealth for both family and business needs. Life insurance can help you direct more money to your heirs and charity.

We utilize an audit and review process that will help analyze your current insurance strategy as well as assess any adjustments and changes that would help to optimize your options. We have found, as clients engage in this process, they can benefit in many ways:

  • Insurance carrier strength
  • Proper owner and beneficiary rights
  • Review of illustrated performance versus actual performance
  • Premium efficiency
  • Appropriate amounts of coverage
  • Underwriting expertise
  • Research

If you don't make a legacy plan, you may have already made a choice.


without propper advice and planning a large percentage of all you have worked for will become


If you are concerned who you want to leave something to: i.e. your spouse, your children, grandchildren, friends or charities then we suggest doing some planning. If you have done nothing, you could be leaving a large portion of all you have worked for to the Federal or State Government. We are not trying to disturb you. It's just the facts.

There are several ways and the more you know, the better you can prepare. This is important for anyone who wants to leave a legacy and especially important for business owners, professionals and the self- employed.

We will assist in finding out who is important to you, what you have currently done and how can we improve on your plan. We may need the help of an estate or legacy planning attorney. While estate taxes may not be an issue for many there are still various types of trusts and associations you can set up to insure your money goes to whom, when and where you want it to go.

We can't stress enough that legacy planning is one of the most forgotten strategies in the planning process. For many it is one of the most important! If this is you, there is still time.
We recommend getting started now!

Life Insurance You Don't Have to Die to Use

Life insurance was originally designed to protect a family against the financial burdens that accompany the premature death of a breadwinner, business owner and professionals. That is still the case but times and life insurance has changed. Wealth Management Strategies or (WMS) still offer numerous companies alternatives for short term or permanent life insurance. The difference is there are now many, choices that can make your life insurance plan more than for use in case of a death.

You Don't Have to Die Before Getting Benefits From Your Insurance Plan!

Life Insurance designed for use while you are still alive! Many smart financial planners (including WMS) are using life insurance as an asset class. Mark Turner the president of WM Strategies Corp. has been helping individuals in this area for over 25 years. Life insurance is not your typical grandfathers whole life plan anymore.

Turning a Life Insurance Policy into a CONSERVATIVE GROWTH ASSET

Many individuals, professionals, business owners and corporations have found out that by utilizing some of the newer types of life plans they can provide numerous benefits for themselves and or their key employees.

The newer type of plans can be used for many needs that occur in Life including:

  • Annuity Alternative
  • Eliminate Stock Market Downturns
  • Guaranteed Floor or Base Interest
  • Growth Potential (up to 14.5% Caps)
  • Income (Potentially for Life)
  • Tax Deferral of Gains in the plan
  • CD and Money Market Alternative
  • Protection if you pass

Protection from Future Tax Increases with the Potential Tax Free Income (when designed correctly)

This plan excels, the higher your tax bracket and the more that safety and conservative growth is important to you. There is no way we can share all the opportunities available in this short overview. We still believe you need protection from death but we try to minimize that cost by choosing the right plan for you, your business or your employees.