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Long Term Care Alternatives

How do you protect your wealth from poor health?

With a new type of Long Term Care Alternative Plan we call

“If you Don’t Use it You Don’t Lose It!”

Are you self-insuring for one for one of the most devastating risks to your retirement portfolio?

LTC or Long Term Care Costs! Like many people, you want to help protect your retirement savings from health-related expenses, such as long-term care. With a Long Term Care alternative you have the flexibility to fit LTC into your financial plan.

Unlike traditional long-term care insurance, with an alternative LTC your plan, your costs are set at issue and will never increase. Because the plan offers a choice of premium payments, you have the option to choose how you pay for your coverage. Your plan provides benefits, — even if you never need long-term care, (provided all planned premiums are paid)

Take a look at the benefits

If you need long-term care

  • You can receive income tax-free reimbursements for qualified long-term care expenses. 2 There’s no deductible or waiting period. This can make a real difference in your total out-of-pocket costs for qualified long-term care expenses.

If you don’t need long-term care

  • Your policy provides an income tax-free death benefit. Your children, or loved ones, designated as beneficiaries, will receive a legacy. 3 The death benefit would be reduced by any loans, withdrawals and benefits paid.

If you change your mind

  • You have options. You can have a full return of your after your surrender period. .

Today, it’s not easy to go from Living to Dead with really getting sick first.
There is a solution that smart people use to Protect Their Wealth from Poor Health!

They simply reposition a portion of their “safe money” so that they don’t have to use just their own savings.

With the Long Term Care Alternative approach, there are:


Many individuals have set aside some money in very low earning interest bearing CD’s, money markets and bank account in case additional health care needs arise.

We suggest our alternative: “If You Don’t Use It You Don’t Lose It” LTC

For example:
A 65 year old Healthy Female moves $50,000.00 into a special tax favored account with an A+ rated insurance company.

Her 50k deposit will receive up to 250k in tax free income if she has to use it to help pay for long term facility costs.

If she never needs care 83k tax free death benefit will go to her family

She can have a FULL Refund of all money at any time (if she changes her mind)

This will give her and her family the freedom to make choices! That’s up to 5X her deposits. When she passes 83k for her family if she never uses it. She even has a 100% money back lifetime guarantee if she ever changes her mind or finds a better place for her money in the future.

Just by changing where you store some of your safe money, you can multiply your deposit 3 to 6 times for the purpose of long term care depending on your current age & health. This will preserve a large portion of your assets in case of a long term care illness.

Most important you are still in control of your money.

Just to recap

LIQUIDITY & Money Back Guarantee after a few years

Why not protect your wealth from Poor Health?

Take a look at Sample illustrations for this LTC Alternative. This is one company from the several we represent. We just wanted to give you an idea of how this works. We also have products with Joint husband and wife alternatives which can be used for either person.

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