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Our Integrated Financial Services

We recognize that clients place great trust in us, and we have built our practice on responsible stewardship and wealth management excellence. We help clients with a number of financial needs, including: 

Investment planning & portfolio reviews – Each stage of life brings its own financial challenges and opportunities. Through our commitment to building long-term relationships with our clients, we work with you to help prioritize and plan for your financial goals and help ensure that your investment plan stays on track to meet those goals.

Income & Social Security planning strategies – Whether you need to diversify your portfolio to reduce volatility, provide dividends to supplement other income or potentially provide tax advantages, we can recommend the your income alternatives that are best suited to help meet and maximize your income objectives.

Active money management – We offer a range of fee-based investment consulting and portfolio management programs to meet the needs of individuals, professionals and business owners. By working with us as your portfolio managers, you receive the benefits of top-quality professional money managers and guidance based on your needs, goals and your investment time horizon.


  • Control Risk – Not Just Accept It
  • Make Good Decisions – When It Counts
  • Adapt to Changing Market Conditions
  • Realize there are options that can produce Consistent Results
  • Find tax advantages wherever possible throughout the planning process

Retirement planning – There are many different types of retirement plans available to individuals and business owners. We offer assistance with a comprehensive array of retirement plans and will help find the plan that best fits your needs.

Estate planning – It is never too early to start planning for the successful transfer and distribution of your assets. We will work with you and estate planning and trust specialists to create a plan to help preserve your estate for your intended heirs and beneficiaries and to reduce potential exposure to estate taxes and probate costs.

Charitable giving strategies -There are a number of strategies available to clients who want to establish their legacy while ensuring the financial security of their family. By exploring a variety of trust and direct giving strategies clients can effectively transfer the wealth they have spent a lifetime building.

Insurance services – Because your financial future depends on a variety of uncontrollable and unpredictable circumstances we offer insurance planning for life, disability and long-term care to help protect your financial security from unforeseen costs and losses.

Education funding analysis - There are many investment solutions available to help save for a child or grandchild's education, each with different features and benefits. We help our clients by projecting college costs, estimating the funds needed and identifying the best vehicle to help save for your child or grandchild's education.

Your Own Personal Financial Webpage We provide: at no cost to you, your own personal extremely secure personal financial website to help you pull everything together. You will see everything you own, all your important documents, photos,videos and net worth all in one place.  We believe those who know what they have and where everything is fair better than those who don't.

Being an INDEPENDENT investment & insurance planning firm, our loyalty is to our clients NOT to any company or money manager! We are constantly evaluating new innovative money management strategies and products to accomplish the many goals that individuals , business owners and professionals have. Change is inevitable. Our goal is to adapt and adjust whenever possible.