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Safe Growth Alternatives for Savers

Potential to Double or Triple what you earn on CD's, Money Markets and Fixed Bonds and Fixed Annuities

Safety and Growth Potential Greater than CD’s and Bonds 

Legacy Planning for those with substantial assets

You can access a large percentage of your money if you need it.

If you don’t need any funds while you are alive, you leave it to your heirs tax free as long as your individual estate isn't over 5.5 million or 11 million as a couple (with a living trust)

All of these benefits are available, prioritized to your specific circumstances, and just a phone call away. The main goal is to give you a vehicle that you don’t lose control of and has conservative growth potential for the remainder of your life.

Please review the informative disclaimer on the bottom of this page

Growth Potential greater than CD’s, MM and Bonds
Take Annual Income after a 6 years in deferral
If you need it, it’s accessible!
If you don’t, you leave it tax free to your heirs

If you are approaching the estate planning thresholds a portion of your death benefit should be in an (ILIT) an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust. This is for those with substantial assets. In 2012 when this article was written if you set up your estate correct you could have as much as a 10 million dollar exemption. Estate Planning Laws are changing so make sure you know the current exemptions when you set up your estate plan. You need to qualify for this plan. It works best if you are in reasonably good health.

Put Lazy Money to Work

401k Alternative Safe MM Book

8 Reasons to use an IUL

Tax Free Income Brochure

WMS Brochure

Liquid Annuity Alternative

Tired of Low Interest Rate Products, i.e. CDs & Bonds

Disclaimer: The guarantees are provided and backed by the insurance company you choose to work with. You will be provided with all materials that explain how each product works. This will include the caps or Spreads or Fees. Your Wealth Management Strategies professional will give you an illustration from the company you choose to work with. Some products have different roll-up rates as well as different ways of crediting interest. It is our goal to offer full disclosure on all products we offer. We will work to educate you as to the various options for each product and assist with all questions you have It is our hope to find the product that you feel will work best for you.